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My landlord had a man from the oil company come in to look at my furnace to get an estimate on a replacement oil heater. He takes one look at the big puffy white thing (it looks rather like a snowman with tons of pipes sticking out of it) and tells her it's covered in asbestos, and has to be removed by a Hazardous Materials (HazMat) team. He then walks up into my kitchen, takes one look down at the floor and informs her that that flooring is also made of asbestos. It is crumbling and cracking, so is the furnace insulation. I've lived in this house for going on 18 years and the whole time i've been living with a known carcenogen in my kitchen and basement. Isn't that good to know now?
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Here shall reside me rambling and ranting and raving about whatever is bugging me when I sit down at my computer at the time. Most of these will be me drunk or something, but you like it. This is a good place to check for updates because I'm very likely to just go off on stuff alot.

Here is the list of my rants:

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