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My landlord had a man from the oil company come in to look at my furnace to get an estimate on a replacement oil heater. He takes one look at the big puffy white thing (it looks rather like a snowman with tons of pipes sticking out of it) and tells her it's covered in asbestos, and has to be removed by a Hazardous Materials (HazMat) team. He then walks up into my kitchen, takes one look down at the floor and informs her that that flooring is also made of asbestos. It is crumbling and cracking, so is the furnace insulation. I've lived in this house for going on 18 years and the whole time i've been living with a known carcenogen in my kitchen and basement. Isn't that good to know now?
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Friends Pages

Better Living Through Chemistry Matfei's chemically inspired ramble in html. Entertaining and interesting. Full of useful *cough* *cough* information and whatnot. Jen's Page of, er, stuff.

What The... Trevor's page of finite wisdom, but it's funny and on it I'm an evil Saint Nick smoking a j. Obscurity run by someone I sorta know out at Umass Amherst.

Um and Shrug Two pages maintained by Matt Barry, also from Umass Amherst. Weirdness abounds. I'm not sure which is current, but they're both entertaining. Matt Walczak's domain of madness. All your dork cravings will be fulfilled. Discuss, download and just be a dork.

Chemical Imparement
                                    ShroomeryThe Shroomery - All your fungus information needs in one place. Excellent source for methods of cultivation and harvesting. (enjoy s.b.)
The Lycaeum - Chemical Awareness site host. Has many sub-pages of things legal in Amsterdam.

The Patterns in the Static
I want you to go to your television, and unplug all the cables and wires and antennas. Leave nothing but the power cord. Then turn it on, flip to a channel you don't receive and watch. Turn the sound up until it almost hurts. Sit in a dark room and stare. You'll see and hear the patterns in the static. It's the music of the universe. A song echoing through every corner of every galaxy. It is the echo of creation. And it's beautiful.

Actually, if you're thinking I'm crazy, I do have a reasoning. Scientifically speaking, the static really IS the echo of the universe. It is the radiation left over from the Big Bang creation of all that exists. First discovered in the 1960's by a Bell Labs scientist,
the study of it continues even to today when special probes are being designed to measure the subtle fluctuations in the residual heat to map out the shape of the universe, the geometry of our existence.

BUT, if you really want musical type stuff, you should go to my Music section.

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