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"But you said if I slept with you I wouldn't have to touch the drunk!"

"Duffman says a lot of things."
- Some floozey bartender and Duffman

Minimum Days Til Death
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The Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery

This shalll soon be the place where incriminating pictures of my friends are posted.

To protect the innocent, all names shall be changed. And any coicidence or resemblence of people/places/names/faces (yadda yadda yadda -legal jargon) is coincidence and sheer chance only. These people are emphatically NOT who you think they are.
Thank You.

And thanks to "Squeak"'s digital camera we shall have plenty of pictures from the Conformity Factory.

Old School gang - those crazy fucks who have the unfortunate luck of having known me from back in the day and are still as unfortunate as to suffer my presence
Northeastern Peeps - these be the people newly afflicted with my existence, and those who were captured by Squeak's dig camera whilst visiting me here...