So tOdAy is....

So this is a ramble...
Ranting and raving, stark looney mad. someone on my computer is lazy and drugged. This is the first ramble of this page, and i just think it's about damn time. I have had this design in the works for a while, but i was using something that only i.e. supported so i trashed it, can't let microsoft get an upper hand!
Um, looking back at it, there's a lot of work to be done, but i'm just gonna try to do it gradual like, adding a feature a week, or tweaking it or something. we'll see how fast I move though. but it would be bettter than doing shool work. So maybe I'll put more in than i thought i would.
But trevor, jenn and matfei are on their way to get some fermented beverages. I must go.