dont worry
dont care
dont listen to what they say
sirens' song
deadly bliss
testify against yourself
guilty conscience and all
do it for fun
fight with the wall
don’t wait
for the day when its clear
dont wait
for the end
death comes to those who wait
death comes anyway
the heart always stops in the end
still and cold, it can’t love
rock in your chest
rock through your window
rock off your head
rock back in forth in your straight-jacket of sanity on a lonely stool in the corner
listening to music that makes too much sense
but dont wait
dont wait
for the end
cause death will find you first
on your blood, quench its thirst
drain my blood
dry my heart
wont use that anyway who ever does all the fucking liars who says its great they dont
know they dont know, they lie and lie and hope and wait and die

- Dillow