true hate
true fate
or so I thought
so I fuck with both
and look where it got me
look what it got me
a slight psychosis
and do you think it hurt me?
I do
play with me?
maybe not
maybe so
sun's too hot
sun's too bright
light is harsh
life is harsh
life is heart
life is love
or lack
there of.
answers to the questions no one ever dared to ask:
check your upper right hand drawer for the key to my heart
what bullshit
what a bullet
hollow tipped to blow your brains clear out.
what a beautiful sight.
after a fight
with all the blood mingled in pools
and all the blood of the fools
surrounding the weak
smothering their meek cries
for help
for heart
for life
for love
for a fucking savior from the clouds
for faith
for fate
False Fate
for their True Hate

- Dillow