i want their minds for chicken feed and a cable network to broadcast miracles of the magnet LIVE 24 hours a day WOW mary, wasnt that amazing? ya know bob, i was really amazed by that. and how can i get this wonderful item? why its just as easy as picking up your phone and dialing that number on your screen. Just four easy payments of $29.95 payable on your VISA, MASTERCARD, or YOUR SOULS it's jsut as simple as that. WoOW! bob, is it really that simple, i think i'm going to get one right now, but i am a littel over my limit on my credit cards, is it possible to put this on my "eternal" soul? SUuuuuuure you can, just make the soul out to D A. Mean enterprises. I am so grateful that Mr. D.A. Mean is so nice bob, its not everyday that you can sell your soul for a third-rate MOP
hahahahahahaahahahahahah, um, janice, could we get the leash back on her, she's foaming,? what do you mean I have to put it on her, i'm not going nerar her, HOLY FUCKING SHIT w'ere live, i forgot, back to the miracles, here's another one for you, i shall cleanse this woman's soul with our new SHOTGUN watch these amazing results. CAPLOW!!! THUD! ya see that, its just that easy, but since this is a special item, we will only accept your grandmother's soul, and your mother's soul.

- Dillow