Separation Anxiety


If there’s something that you want,
something that cannot be bought,
there’s a risk that you must take
and that is heartbreak.

You’ve got to fight for all you love
before you see that dying dove.
Your life could be the cost,
when all you love is lost.

You’ve got to risk your life and limb
for that happiness from within.
You’ve got to risk all that for bliss.
What kind of lie is this?

You cannot separate the man
from the tragedies at hand.
You cannot take away his pain
no matter how crazy or sane.

You cannot take away the memories
with difficulty or with ease.
You cannot take away all that is his
All he ever was or ever is.

You cannot separate the man
from his tragic homeland.
You cannot separate humanity
from its tragic mortality.

                        - Dillow