Warm, Red Salvation

Someone once said that all pain is self-chosen. Did they not feel like Pandora then? Pandora chose to open the box and she released all the horrible tragedies in the world and before she released love and hope and happiness and anything worth living for she became so scared that she closed The Box. Choose the pain. It opens The Box. It begins to release all that is life. Blood. Each time I open a new wound I watch the blood flow. Watch it be released.

Each time I feel like Pandora. Each time I wait for the best parts of life to come flowing out so I can drink them up. Each drop , I identify and each drop, I identify with. The first bits of Blood are always pain, and after that it is all pretty random. So, I wait. This one is pain. Is this one love? No, it’s war. Is this one hope? No, it’s more pain. Is this one joy? No, this one is lust. Is this one happiness? No, it’s jealousy. I wait and identify as long as I dare. It is not I who decides when I can stop. I would wait forever but eventually my human gives up. The blood runs out, the chances run out or the wound closes up. The scab of fear starts to close The Box.

The human is the Pandora, the scared one. I am ready. I wait. I would not close what I have opened. What good would a closed wound do? Closed Box? Closed mind? Open your Box, open your mind, open your wounds. Let the chances flow, flow, flow. Each one could be something worth getting past the pain to get at. One of those drops of warm red blood could save the world. Just one drop could save you. One word, one name, one prick of a pin opens up a world of opportunity. You possess six pints of possibilities, beautiful, warm and red. The first is always pain but the pain ends. When the pain stops you are dead, in that humans are pain. Humans need pain. Humans crave pain. Humans create pain.

Don’t be human. Bleed.