Fatal Foreplay

On a date with your beloved, you go out to a real chinese restaurant. There is ginger in almost all of the wonderful food you order. After your meal, you go back to your house. no one else would be home for another two days. You knew tonight you would have some fun.

Up in your room, you get down to business. Tongues all over the place. Clothes fly. But before penetration, it all stops with a slap across the face. Without knowing what is going on, you are hand-cuffed to the bed. Your feet get died to the bed. Your naked body is sprawled out over bed completely unprotected. The whip bears down on your skin without remorse. Immediately there is a long bleeding whelt across your chest
and stomach. Repeated blows all over your body, the blood splatters into your eyes, your vision gets blurred, but the last thing you can see clearly is your lovers face and body covered in you blood, Flailing a whip at you.

You open your eyes, you feel a tongues slowly moving over your fresh wounds. You are untied. You glance up at the clock. It's still early, you were only out for about an hour. You stare into your lover's tear soaked eyes hovering above you. You wait and take their kisses.

You leap up and begin to strangle them, straddling their chest that is still caked in your blood. You pick up the candle and splash the hot wax in their face and put out the flame on their neck. You beat their ribs with the candlestick. Waling on their chest you fall off of exhaustion and frustration. lying on the floor side by side panting heavily. They roll over right next to you and rise up on their arms and head-butt you in the face,
breaking your nose. Black.

You wake up alone, on the floor covered in dried blood, an in a pool of vomit. You stumble down the stairs to the kitchen. They are waiting there for you, just as naked, just as filthy as you, but with a knife. Charging at you, they trip. and fall toward you with the blade in their outstreched hand. Turning around to run, the cold steel digs into the hot flesh of the back of your leg.You collapse clutching it. They drag themselves toward you.
You can't even find the strength to scream. They crawl up onto you and grasp your beck firmly, leaving the knife at thier side. You back yourself away towards the basement stairs. They hold tight, breathing becomes harder. Your leg presses against the red-stained knife. You grab it as quick as you can, still backing up. You reach the top of
the stairs, and your hand reaches for the floor, it finds nothing but air.

You begin to fall. They fall with you. You reach around their back and thrust the knife into their back, and grind it around before you start to tumble end over end. You feel a snap in your neck, everything gets fuzzy.

At the bottom of the steps, you wait for an eternity to be released from your lover's deadly grasp, and they from yours. Locked in the eternal embrace of fatal foreplay, an eternity of raw passion gone bad.

- Dillow