Birds’ Song

I went to sleep last night
and awoke in a dream.
Found a butterfly on my face
and heard a woman scream.

I walked inside to watch the sunrise,
looked up at the red and opened my eyes.
Atomic fury fell from the sky,
so I sat down and to feel myself die.

I saw a silent flash of light on the horizon.
One mushroom cloud blossomed, and then a dozen.
Nuclear Atmosphere Convection Oven.

Without sound, without pain,
the light enveloped everything:
the sea, the sky, the wind, the rain.
no more birds would ever sing.

In the darkness of the light
I felt no expectations or fright.
And did not feel the death
that followed my last breath.

I awoke this morning
and heard a bird sing.
Found a maggot on my face
and guessed what the day would bring.

- Dillow