Before we begin, the setup:
the tools
The Tools: Some Rubbing alcohol for sterilized goodness in our oh-so-sanitary dorm-room setting, sterile cotton balls to whipe up blood and whatnot, two (2) fourteen (14) gauge half-inch (1/2") diameter implant-grade steel body piercing rings, a clamp/forcept-type thing, a fourteen (14) gauge piercing needle, properly sterilized, a receiving tube and a marker to mark intended entry and exit points.

Step 1:
step 1
Mark intended entry and exit points.

Step 2:
step 2
Set clamp so entry and exit points aren't blocked.

Step 3:
step 3
Ready the needle and receiving tube.

Step 4:
step 4
(This is the part that may cause discomfort)
Push the needle through.

Step 5:
step 5
Remove clamp.

Step 6:
step 6
Ready the ring to be inserted.

Step 7:
step 7
Pull out needle, while inserting ring.
(another part that may cause some discomfort)

It might bleed...

A lot...
bleeding alot...

Step 8:
step 8
Straighten out ring, and insert captive bead.
One nipple down...

for the effect in stereo

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