The HTML Fragment

                In order for people navigating The Bitter Cynical Circle Webring to get around more easily, each page should have the following ImageMap and the bottom of it. So for all of you freaky peeps in this lil circle of ours here's what it will look like and farther down the page, you'll find the HTML fragment to add to your page.

                ** A big thanks to webmistress Jen for her wonderful artistry of this here pic.

The Bitter Cynical Circle

                Add the following HTML fragment to the main page of your homepage (copy and paste), this should be the page you listed when you signed up for the webring. There are the following personalizations you must first make:

                For the "next" and "previous" hotspots to work you need to replace YOUR webring ID (that number thing)  where you see "--id--"

here's the HTML fragment:

<!--webbot bot="ImageMap"

rectangle="(373,13) (452, 31);id=--id--;next"

rectangle="(453,34) (587, 58);id=--id--;prev"

polygon="(71,10) (71,51) (10,53) (13,85) (34,87) (33,135) (318,132) (318,108) (142,104) (142,9)"

rectangle="(367,66) (479, 90);random"

rectangle="(487,85) (582, 105);index"

rectangle="(442,112) (519, 132)" src="" width="600" height="150" alt="The Bitter Cynical Circle" border="0" startspan -->

<MAP NAME="FrontPageMap">

<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="373, 13, 452, 31" HREF=";id=--id--;next">

<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="453, 34, 587, 58" HREF=";id=--id--;prev">

<AREA SHAPE="POLYGON" COORDS="71, 10, 71, 51, 10, 53, 13, 85, 34, 87, 33, 135, 318, 132, 318, 108, 142, 104, 142, 9" HREF="">

<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="367, 66, 479, 90" HREF=";random">

<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="487, 85, 582, 105" HREF=";index">

<AREA SHAPE="RECT" COORDS="442, 112, 519, 132" HREF="">

</MAP><a href="_vti_bin/shtml.exe/home.htm/map">

<img ismap usemap="#FrontPageMap" border="0" height="150" alt="The Bitter Cynical Circle" src="" width="600"></a>

<!--webbot bot="ImageMap" endspan i-checksum="36868" --></font></p>