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In A.D. 2101 War was beginning. Captain: What happen ? Operator: Somebody set up us the bomb Operator: We get signal Captain: What ! Operator: Main screen turn on Captain: It's You !! Cats: How are you gentlemen !! Cats: All your base are belong to us Cats: You are on the way to destruction Captain: What you say !! Cats: You have no chance to survive make your time Cats: HA HA HA HA .... Cats: Take off every 'zig' Captain: You know what you doing Captain: Move 'zig' Captain: For great justice

This is the article that started that reply, too. Interesting stuff though, I wanna try me some Alpine when it comes out...
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The ICANN !?! - WTF is it, and how did it get to be so powerful without a geek like me ever even hearing about it? and why is it threatening the constitution and dimpled drooling babies alike??

more ICANN stories - are you afraid yet?
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So as I read a certain emo post my mood steadily declined.

Who was this kid with all of these valid questions? Where were all these questions stored over time to lament and age? It made me think about the past couple years. It made me remember the times we'd hung out. The stuff we used to do. I worried, as I read, that some of those accusation were pointed at me, worried that I wasn't there for him when I should have been, worried that I had done something to wrong.

But then i remembered the reality of the past two years for me. I was no longer part of the center, not in the core of the group. i was a mere outsider even with my closest friends. The truth of certain situations was kept from me, for what reasons, i do not know, perhaps it was just not my business. When I would have time out of work to hang, i would continually hear stories and jokes about things that i wasn't part of. I never got to go to a NP practise, I wasn't there for all the days of rit in matfei's sunpark booth, I wasn't around for the binges of rit at pauls house, or for all the stupid paul stories. i was a side player in every event. Just another minor character, underdeveloped and never fully explored in the story of our group. Or is that how we all were?

Back in the day, of Emerald Isle shows, and sitting around copley square. There was a group of people who knew everything about everyone else inthe group. we talked, and discussed stuff, our feelings, our fears, our interests. Now I barely know the masks my friends put up to cover the reality of themselves from the outside world, take our emo friend for instance, sure we could tell he was bitter about something, but who would have guessed without a lot of prior knowledge what exactly it all stemmed from? That bit of an argument we had earlier this fall, those few long ranting emails we fired at eachother, that was the most i talked to you, really TALKED about real things, not just when the next score of whatever drug of the week will be. it wasn't about the next event, it was about life. There is no communication anywhere anymore, or is it just that i am unwilling to see it? i didn't think so, but maybe i'll re-examine that. you mentioned in one of those emails about my black book, the sketch book, you'd never read it, but you knew of it. i've got no secrets to keep, nothign to hide, if you want to learn what has driven me mad just ask, anyone can read me like a book, they just have to take it off the shelf. Here i am saying you should ahve asked, but how do i know you'd even care to know. i don't. or is it because of your own tendancy towards secrecy and bottling everything up that you see it as a courtesy not to butt into places where you aren't invited? i odn't know if any of this might sound somewhat accusatory to you, but it's not ment to be. I don't know where this is going...
begin tangent: Shit, man, YOU feel like shit is fucked up... at least you live with some friends, i live with people who i get the feeling barely tolerate me. I look back over the past two years and see alot of time feeling out of the loop of everyone somehow, and not for much of a reason either. no one makes time for anyone else much anymore... sometimes it feels like all the people i call friends fall into three categories: people i USED to have good times with, people i have to live with, and people who i do drugs with. not in any particular order. maybe that's a bit oversimplified and melodromatic but whatever. it's too early to be up and i'm out in the rat race. i commute to work like every other sucker, i have no creative outlets, i have no creativity. I don't want to waste my time driving to work anymore. I don't want to waste my time making operation sheets so underpaid idiots can put together multi-thousand dollar industrial products without being able to read better than a 4th grader. oooh, pretty pictures. I dont' want Bush to be president, to gut environmental laws, make the rich richer, the poor poorer, the public schools worse, the children fatter, the healthcare system totally privatized, a new national missile defense system. I don't want to see russia, china, and europe against us becuase we're being closed-minded and conservative, I don't want to see the billions of people in third world countries hating the "first world" countries for being greedy and rich when it's only the top 5% that hold all the power and wealth, and given the surroundings of many urban lower-class citizens, they are worse off than people in villages with no running water because no more than 50 feet away from them is at least one person, or sign of such a person, who has more money than they know what to do with, and no care as to the suffering of all the people they pass without batting an eye on their way to their 18-hole business brunches where they'll hob-knob with the even richer and salivate at the thought of swallowing up a small and successful company to lay off their workers, take their patents, farm out the labor to a third world country where the cost of the fruit plate they had for breakfast that morning prepared by their maid Maria would pay the whole factories wages for a year.

I dispise looking out the window and seeing kids getting into fights with eachother and hating eachother because of some ignorant bullshit thing like the color of their skin, they way they "looked" at them, or some girl refuses to become thier bitch on command. People walking around sporting corporate logos like family emblems of the feudal ages. the mark of the beast isn't 666 it's the mother fucking nike swoosh or any other corporate logo. Why do all the new sports arenas have names of huge corporations, instead of great civic heros, or historic places. Why would people rather dive out of planes for an adrenaline rush instead of standing up to something that they know is wrong, and having a bit of courage. They'd rather bring themselves that much closer to death than oh-fucking-god-no challenge the system that has brought them so "far" If they didn't realize that that same system was bringing them to a crashing halt, then why are they feigning suicide day in day out.Fuck this stupid ass society, fuck the greed and lack of communication, closed minds and clenched fists. Our priorities are all fucked up here, people. If we all didn't have to work to make money to pay the bills so we could live in this system, what would we be doing? Holy shit we might have the time and energy to talk about something REAL, and not just what happened on temptation island last night. This is all bullshit! I don't want to be here, doing this crap, i don't want to own a car, and have to pay all those stupid expenses. I don't want to wonder if my friends thought or think i wasn't enough of a friend. I want to be there for everyone who needs me, I want to open some peoples eyes to the truth of the situations that engulf them, i want to be happy with my life, i want to lie naked in bed all fucking day long and know that i've done everything i can to improve this shithole. I want a big long line of white powder that will make my heart feel like it's going to explode. I want to kick the shit out of my father for too many reasons, and hug his freshly bloodied corpse. I want to have the motivation to write another story, i want to drown, just once. I want everyone to have some fucking passion. i want to feel the surge of adrenaline when you're in a crowd all thinking the same thing. Fuck the system! Who's streets? OUR STREETS! ANARCHY OI! motherfucker. I want to clean the books of sin it's a dirty lie anyway.

All this crap that keeps piling up, i know i don't want to be a human, and then i realize i want all these things not just for everyone else, but mostly for myself, and know i'm nothing but just another human, rodent in the rat race, my beady eyes can't see past my own twitching nose.

Even when things are good, this world absolutely shitty.

Isn't it time for a change?
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