I know all of you out there in Bloggerland like your freedom, and like your internet, and LOVE your free fucking downloaded shit.


Media industries seek to retake the control of information by new standards, codecs and hardware/software standards!! CPRM is building steam to protect "artists' rights" to the art they create. This is bullshit, it only protects the companies which control the artists' contracts ability to make money off of YOU, the people, the freedom loving denizens of the 'net, enjoying the art of other freedom loving denizens of the 'net and world, the artists.

a quick FAQ about CPRM

If this bullshit gets put into place, say goodbye to the days of the information superhighway, and hello to the days of crawling along the mud rut-riddled road of toll-packed government/industry controlled shit-fuck waste of bandwidth!!

And while you're getting all riled up at the tech world for even considering choking the internet like this, start looking around for all the government rules that are trying to pop up to control, tax, and stifle the 'net and free exchange of information. Go Here: Electronic Frontier Foundation.

I know we are all pretty lazy, it's a symptom of our generation's apathy towards existence in this steamy self-centered fuck-filled disease riddled brothel called Earth, but people before we lose all freedom, we have to stop these organizations from taking it all away. It's time to act, damnit.
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