Hey, all you reader-type-people.

I have to reformat my computer, 'cause it's just not working well at all. I have a windows 95 (rev A) disk, windows 98 disk, Red Hat Linux 6.0 disks, and now a windows NT 4.0 workstation disk. I was looking for windows 98 SE (second edition) becuase it's more stable than the first rev, which is what i'm running now. I gave up on win95 because i needed USB support. I gave up on linux for that machine because i needed to run things like Autocad2000 and Matlab on it for school, and i'm just not cool enough to be able to get linux to run totally right on it.

My dilema is this: it does nothing but crash now, and i can't take it anymore. It IS getting reformatted this weekend. The question is: which OS? If one of you awesome people happen to have a copy of win98 SE and some extra bandwidth and wouldn't mind sending it my way, that'd rawk. If one of you people wanna volunteer to help me to get linux, tha'drawk too. But if no one volunteers to help in some way i'm just gonna get stuck with a shitty version of windows 98.

so help.... please...
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Everybody should be out playing snood.

and damean does have a lip ring. tis covered in crusties 'cause it has newness.
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did i hear-tell-read correctly? damean has a lip ring??
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These are some really BITTER people.... reminds me of a younger me...
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such a slacker today... .i think i may have done a whole three hours of work today. but what did they expect? I tried getting stuff done, but some parts that were needed to build something were wrong, then they told me to stop using the test i was on the keypads i need to fix, or test for failures anyway, and the guys who can tell me what to do next on that are both in meetings. so it goes.

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The call is coming.
beware the fall.
Before the pheonix can rise, there must be a fire.
Before the fire, there must be a spark.
Strike a match

Flint and Steel
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MainMind investigates: Ketnophobia

hey... he's making that up!!!
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Britain develops electromgnetic pulse howitzer shell. Why doesn't someone shoot this shit at beijing?
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A shining example of how Big Brother is laying the foundation for the walls to confine our minds and spirits (think that's a little too dramatic?), in this episode of Herd The Sheep, DVD-encryption is technology is kept secret from the masses because the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)" allows rich industries, such as motion pictures, to buy government endorsed censorship that the First Amendment of this country's constitution was supposed to protect against.
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Roight! When we last saw our hero, the world was safe and humanity was free. During the commercial break, however, tyranny has taken hold of the world, and a dark cloud looms over our homeland. Bush was inaugurated as "president" this weekend. He's going to cut taxes, increase war department, yes i said WAR department, not DEFENSE department, who the fuck are you trying to kid?? you don't need intercontinental nuclear missiles to DEFEND yourself, those are fucking OFFENSIVE weapons. WAR DEPARTMENT spending, ratify the bill to pay for the star-wars-type missile defense initiative, tell russia to go fuck itself, tell china to take our money so they don't kick our asses, have the dollar fall behind the Euro and the Yen, take money AWAY from public school and education for all, privatize the nation's medical industry even further, completely fucking GUT all environmental regulations ever enacted in this country, and do a whole shitload of coke.

witness the decline. welcome the recession, you're gonna be happy in two years for your war-time job in a germ warfare plant erected on the grounds of your old elementary school. oh, and don't get to comfortable with free speech on the net, either, it's not REALLY a right, it's just convenient to let us all think that for now.

my compatriots, go here, The Electronic Frontier Foundation read up on all the ways Mr. Man is trying to surgically remove our collective vocal chords with a very dull scalpel. They're blatantly beating the shit out of free speech. Starting with so called "copy-right" protection. Read up here on all the ways they are systematically castrating the internet and technology in general. But who wants to be free and creative anyway?
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