speaking of politics, check out the scariness of America's law enforcement assholes. [link provided by the below listed paranoid]
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This is for you political-oriented peeples out there, a convo about voting, the presidency, and Nader, and not in that particular order, but in there...

MainMind: and speaking of pessimism, are you gonna be voting next week?
rad1764: sadly, no.. my personal convictions prevent it
MainMind: your apathy is just supporting the status-quo
rad1764: thats true
MainMind: you do realize that, yes?
rad1764: yes, i do :)
MainMind: and you're ok with that?
rad1764: i wouldnt say "ok with it"
rad1764: i could (and have) debated for hours on the subject
rad1764: far too many hours.. im rather an irc addict
MainMind: hehe
rad1764: my apathy does exactly what my participation would do
rad1764: especially in this election
MainMind: who would you vote for? Bush?
rad1764: uh... no.
rad1764: were i to vote, i would vote for gore.
MainMind: who? Gore? Nader? Buchannan?
rad1764: buchanan i dont NEED to trash.
MainMind: hehehehe
rad1764: and a vote for nader is a vote for bush.
MainMind: what's your email addy?
rad1764: [edited to protect the innocent]
MainMind: read what i just sent ya
rad1764: ill try..
rad1764: im on the crap windows pc, recompiling kernel upstairs
rad1764: i dunno.. my apathy has less to do with the status quo..
MainMind: how about just doing me a favor then?
MainMind: :-D
rad1764: my real reasons for participating are purely philosophical
MainMind: please?
rad1764: sure
MainMind: alright!
MainMind: (you're bluffing, aren't you?)
rad1764: bluffing on which?
MainMind: um... voting?
rad1764: well, no.
rad1764: i dont even have the option
rad1764: its too late to register
MainMind: not even registered? egad, man....
MainMind: sure the system sucks, but still... at least allow yourself the option
rad1764: its not something i forgot to do.. i refuse, on philosophical grounds, to register
rad1764: to admit that i want the option would be admitting that i dont really believe in what i profess :)
MainMind: ok, you have a point there.
rad1764: and i DO believe in it, very strongly
MainMind: do you want the system to change at all, or do you just not even care?
rad1764: more strongly than 90% of the voters that will turn out, to vote as their political offiliation tells them
rad1764: do i want to CHANGE the system?
rad1764: not particularly
MainMind: destroy it?
rad1764: i dont personally want to do anything to it
MainMind: if you leave the system alone though, in a couple years it'll be doing some rather forceful things to you
rad1764: i believe american politics is a horrible system of government
MainMind: i won't argue on that one, yeah
rad1764: its more of a farce on democracy than russia was on communism
rad1764: and the main problem is that its too fscking big, without a clear mission or objective
rad1764: most of the energy the government expends goes into keeping things the way they are
rad1764: its like a giant snowball; one president has neither the power nor the guts to change that
MainMind: this is true...
rad1764: i simply dont believe it is a system worth reforming
MainMind: and why i'm voting for Nader
rad1764: answer me something
MainMind: yes?
rad1764: what are the chances of nader winning?
MainMind: none
rad1764: why is that?
MainMind: but if he gets at least 5% of the national popular vote the Green party will get federal funding in the next campaign
MainMind: because he doesn't have the support of a couple tens of millions of people, only a couple million
rad1764: suppose he gets elected.
rad1764: somehow.
rad1764: what happens then?
rad1764: egad, man, look at this:
rad1764: Gore will win in: Iowa, Illinois, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode
Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Hawaii, and probably
MainMind: he has a shit time trying to convince congress to go his way, and vetoes as much of their shit as possible
rad1764: how can you call it a free election when you can know that much IN ADVANCE?
MainMind: i know, it's a bit outdated, musta been written a couple weeks ago
MainMind: it's not a free election, really...
rad1764: the american government is about never having to make a call.. make sure theres no possible loophole, no room for interpretation in the hands of those in charge. to protect us from ourselves.
rad1764: its not an election at all.
MainMind: basically... that's why there's a warning label on EVERYTHING
MainMind: except the ballots...
rad1764: thats what this entire country is like
rad1764: its a system where nobody has to think
MainMind: actually, someone should try to sue the united states government for false advertising about the whole populus electing hte president
rad1764: 1984 was 16 years ago, dude.
rad1764: heh
rad1764: they should, but they wont
rad1764: they would never win
MainMind: no, but they could keep appealing it
rad1764: it takes years for cases that DONT piss the govt off to go through
MainMind: does the U.N. have any international laws like that? if they did, someone could take it outside the u.s. jurisdiction, so there'd be no "conflict of interests"
rad1764: i wonder how long they'd drag that out
rad1764: no, U.N. wouldnt touch that
MainMind: it could always be contested that any U.S. court had a conflict of interest
rad1764: you know full well that whoever brought that suit would be dismissed as a crank in two minutes
MainMind: probably...
MainMind: but get the media into it... and maybe you'd get some press for it, get some people thinkin' or at least spook the suits
rad1764: in any event, there are better ways to affect the system than voting
MainMind: i met some militant socialists at the protest last month... gonna join up with them?
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Yeah, i know i need to fix all my links and webrings, but i'm too fucking lazy and never at home..... eventually....
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Karma (the essence not the club) we've all heard of it, and perhaps some of you out there believe in it. Eternal salvation for all you good christian souls out there, isn't that the bullshit they sell you at those fundraisers, er, i mean, masses?(hehe, masses for the masses, religion: opiate of the populus) BUT> So Karma, I used to believe it, dig it, all the good i tried to do, it'd come back to me, right? FUCK NO! At least it hasn't yet. It's sticky shit, that karma... So many people are just total pieces of vile disease-ridden excrement that one can't be nice to EVERYBODY. You'd get SHAT on like so much porcelain plumbing. Even when you choose to be nice to people THEY WON"T REPAY IT!!!! people are incredibly fucking ingrateful, NEVER forget that. But karma, what do you think, eh?? write me or something. actually you probably shouldn't (not tha you would) becuase i'd just take it for granted that i got mail, and never reply or make any other mention your mail anywhere or anytime becuase i, being human, am ingratefulness incarnate. So,yeah, karma, i keep getting distracted... How long should i wait before i abandon this pathetic fucking attempt at some sort of faith? Perhaps i should go w/ a whole fate/predetermination thing and i could totally give up on making decisions for myself and let the cheapskate lottery of life draw all my numbers for me. Not like anyone has any REAL choices anymore anyway. If i'm destined to be somewhere the i'll be there. If i'm destined to be dead tomorrow, then i'll be dead tomorrow. Can't escape death, jump out of the way of the bus, just in time to have a heart attack. Nothing as exhilerating as an overdose, i hear.... Let's go pull some JTHM "i can't die" stunts with a big ole mirror of unidentified miscaleneous white powders. White powder like snow, that fell sunday, what the fuck was with that. Perhaps another sign for me: it's gonna be a cold winter in hell. Then again, snow is white, and white is supposedly "pure" so maybe it's a sign that good stuff is coming, like more white powdery crystals, just not made of H2O.
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Can i get an AMEN, brother? Can i get a HALLEILUIA, sister???? NO!!! you know why? because everyone's lost it, they've all gone maDDDDDDDDD isn't it depressing to see all those capital D's and no colon's preceding them?

I hope you weren't expecting anything like REAL content from me. I don't do that shit, go find someplace else that does. Stagnation, degredation, atrophying and otherwise decaying in this sick pattern that has a death-grip on my life. This week i'll be getting back to working 40hours on top of school, and trying to maintain my sanity, my constitution and my credit rating. A train pulls out of Minneapolis at 5:30. I go out and have a good time, and somepeople who only always talk about starting shit and doing shit gotta come down on me with implications that i'm a totally wasted drug-fiending junkie. Not that that isn't true, but god fucking damnit, another train leaves New York at 6:15. Aren't we college kids SUPPOSED to be wild and crazy??? shouldn't we go around abusing our bodies while they can still recover quickly? Shouldn't we be pushing the edge of addiction and overdose, feeling the adrenaline RUSH when you realize you just snorted WAY TOO FUCKING MUCH of the train from Minneapolis is carrying 323 passengers and has a coefficient of drag of .67 So what are they doing? what are they trying to do? They are the people the say they hate, they are the pre-judgers, they are the stereotypers. So let us run and frolic in the fields of sunshine while we can, yes/?? It's not going to be too long before your sunblock goes on like a winter coat. MMMM COCONUT CHRISTMAS. Give it a little time and we could microwave eggs in a tinfoil paralelogram paradox. But i digress. The train is a SanteFe. New York's average city-wide temperature is -23 kelvin. So family, right, they suck, neg? Well my particular family just happens to have recently had two deaths of two very old great-aunts of mine. They were on the train from New York. The temperature difference is caused by one incredibly cold point somewhere just outside Grand Central Station. So these aunts, they are, or rather, WERE sisters. Lived long lives, outlived some husbands, grew really damn old down in a Mass Ave apartment building. One kicked the bucket a couple weeks ago, and the other one finally gave it up early yesterday morning. On my birthday, perhaps it's a sign? So if the average weight of the passengers is 70kg, I skipped out on the first funeral because i would have had to be at my house at 8am after working a full weekend, and miss classes which i really shouldn't be missing. And now this stupid conductor thinks it'd be a good idea to ignore some signals. And my other aunt just let's go, so wednesday is no good for a funeral because it's All-Saints' day and Thursday it then must be, BUT GUESS WHAT??? I have a calculus midterm that day. they're leaving the house at 8am. The services start at 9:15. My class starts at 9:15. And what the fuck can i do now? Hope my professor lets me do it at another time so i can go get up really early to spend a shitty time with my sorry-ass family as they whine and moan about another one gone. I can tell that my mother and her siblings are all getting to feel the burden of being the oldest generation, and it makes me laugh. (Damn, youth is really disrespectful isn't it?) So ignoring those signals and barreling down the track. Operation Lamda was a success so far, but it had to be moved. Drugs were involved of course, this is America, don't you remember the Exxon Valdez? So if i don't go to this thing my whole family is gonna ride me forever about it, or my mother and sister at least will hang it over my head because i basically avoid them as much as possible. It's not that i don't like my family, I just can't stand them. I'm sure they feel the same about me, considering how horrible i must make their lives while i'm in 'em, what with my o-so-chipper attitude all the time. Uh-oh, was that sarcasm i used? i'd better cut that out, someone might take me seriously when i jokingly offer to KILL THEM. The conversation would go something like this: "I like you, Bob. That's why I'm going to kill you last." Actually, this was something spoken by a dude named Alex MacMillan (sp?) when he was at orientation at Boston College, a parent, overhearing this remark, took alarm and reported the threat to the authorities. Alex was promptly charged, a restraining order was put out against him on campus and a whole bunch of other shit which is really STUPID. But just nicely illustrates HOW FUCKING MORONIC AND IGNORANT HUMANS ARE. especially when they are sticking their noses where they don't belong. But back to that stereotyping. There are the "daddy's-little-princesses" crawling all over this school, it's true. But individuals who pride themselves as individuals shouldn't be going around mocking talking about what "daddy just bought me" without knowing them AT ALL. Sure, it's funny, but if you don't wanna be stereotyped, and wanna be recognized first as an individual and not as just a member of a social group, YOU OUGHT NOT FUCKING THROW STONES, GLASS EYED MOTHERFUCKERS, YOU'LL GO BLIND. If only at my rage-contorted-knife-wielding hands.....
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