clarity of voices
now we are one
stare through the glass
now break it

hyperreal says: "Individuals with a family history of schizophrenia or early onset mental illness should be extremely careful because psychedelics have been known to trigger latent psychological and mental problems."

Should I worry?
hehehehe, nah, didn't think so....
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'Course, i-drive.com is good too. But mostly when you are looking for mp3s on a computer that isn't your own, and you use scour to sideload crap to idrive. it's mucho fast, mahn.
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Hey, this website just gave me 300MB of space on their server for free. if you want it, go get it: MySpace.com and if you'd like to be thanking me for this info, use my reference number when you sign up and i get 5 more megs: U003C50EC.
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oh, yeah, Matfei, I dig the new layout. 'course, i was diggin the old one too... but oh well....
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All i wanted to do was download some fucking pirated software while at my workstudy job, but what does this place have to do to me???? Send a classful of shitheads in on me at 7:15 and force me to leave my happy lil computer lab of 3 other people, and return to the main room. Let me explain the problem: I was looking for illegal software, becuase it is free, and I am poor. I need to go through Warez sites to get 'em. The bulk of the problem exists in the fact that whenever one visits a warez website and does ANYTHING THAT RESEMBLES CLICKING THE FUCKING MOUSE a popup window appears with, morelikelythannot, PORN ADS. I am not looking for porn. Porn at work would get me in more trouble than illegal proliferation of pirated software. AND IT'S HARD TO NOT NOTICE A SCREEN WITH A RED BACKGROUND AND TWENTY PAIRS OF BOUNCING TITS! And thus I have had to stop my search for free shit and waste some time otherwise occupied on the net while this place clears out of so many prying eyes. Sometimes, this place sucks.
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