not wanting to drop the topic, stare in awe at its beauty
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The Hawk's Eye see below for reasoning, as if you even had to ask...
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SporeChicks.com because you know you want the fungus to be among us.
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I have a closet, i have not much in it... i have enough room for one styrofoam cooler at the bottom... i happen to have a text on... stuff. I think I shall use it... nay, i definitely shall use it.
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ok, so let me just think this thing through out loud: plants of the green persuasion take in CO2 and put out oxygen, while fungus, like mushrooms, take in oxygen and create CO2. I can think of one green thing and one mushroom thing that we all would like to be growing, and it just came to mind that they seem to be the perfect match for eachother, no? All one would need to do, if they set up a system to transfer the gasses between growing things, is provide water for them both. and light for the greenery, but that cuts down on the whole need (or want) to create a system to feed the plants C02.

Are you Tweakers getting me on this one?
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i really need a laptop.... working on these workstations really sucks because i can't be sure if the stuff i download will be here when i get back.... i don't like that...

and i'm just a gadget-fiend like every other nerd out there....
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I want to have something to say... but ... er... nothing comes to mind, really . Except i remember something that i left out of my story yesterday: i kicked a pigeon... it was walking on the sidewalk of Mass. Ave and it was taking its damned time, whenever i'd even look at any other pigeons they'd fly away so i took a swing at this one with my foot nothing really violent, just to nudge it along, and it barely even reacted. Dumb animal.
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Ok, so i know i haven't been around much, but i'm sure the few of you out there that read this would understand. But I am back! I now possess a job (which i am now at) which puts me in front of a computer for 16 hours a week, in a three day span. I'll be here Monday and Tuesaday 5-11 and Wednesday 7-11. WooHOOO, right? now i get to be as evil and bloggy as matfei is at his job because i really do have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. If anyone has a question, tonight i'm just telling them that i can't really help because it's my first night and i was told nothing about what goes on here or what i should do in case of ... well, ANYTHING. But that's ok. I don't mind not being able to do anything but say "sorry, i don't know because I'm having a pretty cool day. at least, the past couple hours have been. Registered for classes, and workstudy, with no problems, and no changes to my schedule (which i expected them to make considering how fucked everything has become with the 600 extra students that NU has enrolled). 'Course, this whole workstudy job thing is pretty iffy, but (is it a bad thing that i actually shrug when i write "" or was it worse when i'd write it and not do it?) But, yeah, so here i am. So after chilling for lunch at my pad, watching my black-boxed cable (mmm, free movies) I headed off to Newbury street to pick up what i could find of interest, listening to Less Than Jake's Welcome to Rockville. Down the hill, and to the T, travel is a breeze. Short wait for transportation, and a quick ride into Copley Station. Walking down Boylston I turn onto Exeter street on a whim, and on another whim saunter back across the street to the "In Touch" store on the corner of Newbury and Exeter, at the bottom of the Exeter Towers building. In it, i have in mind some all-blue strings of christmas lights, and quickly look around. I realized to myself that alll this place sold was t-shirts, bumper stickers and strange greeting cards. Why had i even come in? oh well, I turn around and almost leave. But some one shouting my name stops me. I guess they had been trying to get my attention all along but having the LTJ on so loud, i just didn't notice. So this girl Justine, who i went a-high--schoolin with was behind the counter, her lovely elderly manager was the one who squawked my name over the music. she smiled like a grandmother. But so there was a reason for entering the store. We caught up slightly, twas cool. But I did have a dealine to keep (getting in here on time) and so i had to leave, but first we exchanged numbers. numbers always good, i've started realizing lately that i know very few peoples phone numbers or have any way of contacting them aside from randomnicity of bumping into them on the street, and thus, numbers are good. Walk on down the street. Hit CHimeras, looking for something that might be nice and trip friendly. They have cool stuff, but reallly not much that i'd want haning on the walls when i was tripping. So that was slightly futile. But anyway, continue on down the street. Hit Smash City (formerly Mystery Train 2) and was looking around for I-dunno-what and didn't find it because I realized that I wanted that CD of Blip, the orbital-esque ambient stuff. It wasn't there. I searched CD Spins, it wasn't there. I checked Newbury Comics, it wasn't there, and the computer was down so i couldn't search ((matfei, i feel your pain about the clicking keyboards, this one is krazy loud, i wish to kill it.... or mute it.)) so i found no cd, but on walking out our favorite semi-homeless man, and street dweller, Keith was standing at his post at the foot of the Newbury Comics ramp thingy. I greeted him, he returned with a "My Man" (he completely didn't recognize me, i think because of the hair, or maybe he'd smoked too much but he didn't know me from a fucking pile of horseshit, and maybe there's a reason for that...) But so i hook him up with the hand out like i always have. He's a nice guy and helped me out when he could, so i'm helping him out when i can, it's all Karma, right? But anyway, so then he was like "hey man, i've got some good weed here, you want some of it?" And i couldn't turn this man down so i said, sure, got a dime? he replies affirmative and moves over to his bag to retrieve the demon weed. But he pulls out his baggy and says "what you gonna put this in?" Reminder: he has just pulled out a bag of marijuana on the sidewalk of Newbury street right in front of Newbury Comics. Some dumb teenage dufus was standing there watching blankly the whole time. Then, i look around scanning for 5-oh and there's a chick sitting in the eyeglass place to the left of N.C. watching the whole thing, she laughs, i wave. Keith proceeds to pile weed into my outstretched right hand. I warn keith about his conspicuous practises and all he replies is "fear money won't make money" which i suppose is true, but still, this was a bit on the risky side, even I noticed that much. No one else really noticed what was going on though, 'cept the girl in the window was still watching and smiling. and the dufus was still staring blankly. But i shrugged and went with it. All was good. As i walked down the street towards mass ave, i removed a plastic bag that still had residual white powders on it from a film canister that resided in my backpack, and placed my newfound marijuana in it. Then I came here. But i've already told you about my adventures of work. Exciting life i lead, eh?

Sit down, remind me how,
this is the same old story of growing up
and getting lost

blog ya later.
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