one last note: with this new desk and alll my gadgetry, i have a phat workstation here. :::sinister grin:::: (because i can)
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Ahhh... Just watched Pi again. Great fuckin' movie. love the way it makes me paranoid and mathematical. I want a computer like he builds. but i know not enough about compsci to do that. to create selfawareness would be sweet.. then again, what if it decided that we were not worthy of its presence and decided to terminate us as the most efficient completion of the equation to which only it knew. Bah, it matters not, eh, because that i will not doing. That feat is not mine to accomplish.

In the mean time, I went to Smash City today (formerly Mystery Train II on Newbury) and found myself a rather rare cd. I found a copy of In Sides by Orbital that has the second cd with the 28 minute 11 second version of The Box on it. MWA HAHHAHA. So i purchased it. I now listen to it. And enjoy. If you are out and looking to buy this CD and want to know the differences between the versions (which are subtle, but there) I will now relate them to you: the only, single, lone difference between versions' exteriors is that The Box version has the "2 CD" stamp on the left hand margin-type-deal is in WHITE, while the regular version w/ the two versions of Satan on it has the stamp with NO PAINT. There's your clue, folks, now you know, and now you, too, can own a copy of The Box on cd. (in a legal form, that is) But things must be taken care of, i must be on my way.

Bon Soir
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not mother's house home, home hom, motherfuckers i'm free. this is MY place. and i'm livin' as i please.

just got on the net last night/early this morning: phone troubles. But now i'l be able to post again. more later

MainMind out.
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