Where does everyone go at 4:40 in the morning... i seek someone to talk to but you all seem to escape my sight, my voice and my perception of reality. I taste licorice. I clench my teeth. I dig this drink. But i don't dig this alone bullshit. Alone bad.
oh well.
c'est ma vie....
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Oh, other news i have to pass on to my readers (oh, ye blessed few):
I'm moving the 1st, and so everything is gonna get crazy. I'm just warning you now that if i don't get a chance to vent online here, then it is because everything is too fucked up. But i shall be one with the trying. I told my work i was moving. But they mumbled something about a long weekend and needing people, so i only have the 31st and the 1st off to get everything done. and i'm working solid sunday through wednesday and then saturday and sunday. it shall be fun, NO????

c'est ma vie....
hmm, no sympathy for the devil... maybe that's why i get none.... sympathy that is..
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ok, so i had to try some, i mean, come on! i admit i am a neophile, i get a kick out of new shit, and combined with my severe adeptness with which i consume drugs and alcohol, and with all earnestness and gravity, i must also indulge myself in this new experience. I sought it out and tracked it down, where others have failed. I have in my possession something which few, even educated in the ways of the illicit activities, know of. This is the liquor of the green faerie, she shall come visit me some time soon. Having not eaten anything but two slices of pizza 11 hours ago, and having nothing to eat since, i am now, not even half the way through my first glass of rather licorice-flavored beverage. I'm buzzin'.... as i said, i haven't eaten much...

so, in case you are unfamiliar with the ways of drinking this beverage, i shall explain some/what i can. This liquor is never taken straight, you see. The particular brand i bought is peculiar in that the color is deep red, as opposed to the obligatory green. One pours about an ounce into a glass, and if you were properly equipped for the exercise of consuming said beverage, you'd have a specially designed spoon-type-dealy which rests across the tops of the glass, is flat and has slots in it to allow liquid to pass through. On this spoon one would rest a sugar cube.yes, a sugar cube. This beverage is not afraid of sweeteners. no no. Over this sugarcube-upon-spoon contravance one pours chilled water. Water? Yes, water. This drink is mixed not with fruity crud, not with carbonated crap, but with good clean h2o. The liquor willl then "louche" as it is called, when the water is added. This means that it clouds, it changes from the transparent state it originally came in to a mixture which is quite opaque. In this case, it clouds from a clear rusty/blood red to a milky opaque peach-orange. and does so quite dramatically. Reading up on it, it seems that this happens because of the oils and derivatives of the herbs used in the distillation are not water-solluble so they are suspended in the solute of water, causing light to refract in a much more random way, meaning the opaqueness. Neat, huh? The taste of this brand is quite like licorice. Aniseed i think is the ingredient which does that. There is also an "undertone of wormwood" mentioned in some review, but i, as yet, am no conneseur and therefore cannot detect it. It is not overly alcoholic in flavor, however it IS 110 proof. I do get the "ooh, alcohol" quiver when i gulp it down though. Half a glass down, and already my teeth are feelin' funny. Good stuff, no? I added a bit of sugar to take the edge off the licorice flavor (i never really went in for the extreme licorice stuff). Have no fear, good reader, this is not imitation Ouzo-like swill. It is much lighter in the mouth, and not at all like a liquer. So far all my impressions have been favorable. I now must be off to finish the glass. Hope you enjoyed this little introduction to the world of La Fee Verte. We shall meet again, yes.

Bon Soir
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my package from spain arrived via fedex to wake me up today. i signed for it. the invoice said olive oil. hehe. i opened it with giddy excitement, smiled widely at it, and went back to bed.
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This is me
this is me breathing
this is me typing
this is stupid
this is me
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mwahahahhahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!! evil take-over by the jennnn!!! hmmm barry is poking me in the stomache and it SUCKS with a MUCHNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!! I do not like the poking. barry says he is going to delete this. it is because he is EVIL and wants to keep this ALL FOR HIM. wheeeeeeee, ok, I have to go outside and smoke some marijuana right about NOW NOW NOW soooooooo.......... byue. :)
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True.... and i spy on you as you type, jen says while i correct for misspellings because.... well, i just can't type well drunk, i guess. hey, wait, that was pretty good typng.... hmmm.... she's still reading intently as i type out this message "heeheeheehee" she says. < i pat her head> ..... so we ask the electronic magical eight ball, "are we gonna spend some more TIME with Tommy?" [encoded for secure spy transmission] and it replies (with electronic voice goodness) "undoubtedly" i agree. um, yeah, just forgot what i was talkin' 'bout 'cause i am .... er... yup. So at Tommy's house and it's cool but definitely a change. haven't seen him in almost a year prolly. it's all good though. um, yeah, i'd love to create some content here but i'm just not good at it now withoutr babbling about everything .... butyeah.. t ime to go....

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I just realized i needed to blog, i felt odd not having communicated with the non-audience i maintain with this site. So here I am. (haha, drew, i'm writing without inspiration and anyone reading this for the first time isn't going to come back, i'm a bad blogger, eh?)

speaking of drew, all youse peoples out there, go check out his musical stylings because, um, i'm lame and have nothing else to say, and say so... and it's actually worth listening to.

that said, i now need some real content, damnit.... oh yeah, gawd damn, how can i almost forget THIS:
isn't that fucking awesome???? in less than two weeks time, i shall finally be somewhat of a functioning adult in this shitty ass society in which we all coexist... In ten days time, i shall be occupying a living space not being payed for by my ancestry in any way. I had one of those exciting moments of realization tonight walking up the hill from the bus stop, when i just *pop* and realized that i'd only be making that walk ten more times, before it was a completely different hill i'd be walking up to get HOME. Take a minute for that to sink in for you viewers out there. On september 1st my permanent address will be changing. When i have a vacation, i'll be staying in mission hill, on St. Alphonsos street, no roslindale, not my parent's house. Not to sound like an immature little dink, but E-GAD MAN! think of it.... it is still not gonna totally hit me until the party is in full swing, the totality of the situation i'm entering into, but i'm just getting some premature glimpses of the feeling of total elation that will overtake me when my place, MY PLACE, gets reallly jumping for the housewarming party...

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