so remember just a few posts down, where i mentioned a site called Absinthe Noire? Well i emailed him like i said i would, and lucky me he responded with the following sites:


and through those links i reached www.spiritscorner.com, which is a spanish site, that just happens to ship to the u.s. Before i knew what was going on, my credit card was out and i was ordering a bottle... don't know what came over me. So then, one must wonder what the outcome of this will be. Will they somehow check my birthdate? Will customs keep it from getting in? Will the conversion from spanish pesetas to u.s. dollars get totally fucked up and i end up paying thousands of dollars for something that should only be around $30? who knows, only time will tell....
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Alright, so you know that whole russian nuclear submarine going down in the north sea? supposedly an accidental explosion? Well, no, it was the fucking russian government hardliners getting rid of some military baggage they rather not have around. The went out without extra emergency supplies because of the russian navy's cutbacks, they were just on a routine training mission, supposedly only three days long. easy to convince some reluctant sailors to go along with it, eh? Notice how president Vladimir Putin layed low for a couple days, long enough for all the unfortunate unwanteds who were tapping S.O.S. on the hull to run out of oxygen, or rather, to produce too much CO2, and thus suffocate. asphyxiate. It will come out in a couple years, the deceitful inner workings of the new Russian organization. They've made, knowingly, futile attempts to rescue the runts with technology they knew wouldn't work, just to waste time and look like it was just pride preventing them from accepting outside help. But the administration really just wanted those sailors dead. Someone's gonna check the roster, and put it all together. Watch out for more "accidents" in russia, along with "terrorist activity". it's alll fucking planned. It's all a scam. The Communists are back in control of Moscow. Let's see how they do the second time around....
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damnit, matfei's influence is growing further on the web, more evidence of it on Fanolex.net Not only marcus mention the Get Up Kids, but he too mentioned the iToke article and spoke of Amsterdam like ValHalla (or maybe that was a matfei quote) (and he could have possibly been into G.U.K. before any matfei influence, but it all still spooks me some...)
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Alright, i don't know how widespread the use of the word "bleh" is. but up until today i hadn't really heard/seen it used by any people outside my regular circle, but it seems to be spreading...
~ [ MainMind : 8/18/2000 6:31:23 PM] *@*

And when you're done with the below, go here . i'm in agreement w/ his 1st, 6th, 16th and 18th points there. it's called absinthe noir, absinthe damnit, i want some! i'm emailin' this guy to see if he's got a recipe, hehe...
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Floating on the ether, swinging on the web-rings, as it were. Lookin' for some interesting blogs, came across this one, called: Cheer Up Schmuck some chick, who reads like a bitter cynical somewhat angst-ridden individual, along the lines of me and my company, so go check it out, youknow you want to.
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Again with the non-workingness due to my illin' condition. This is good though, because i am a lazy fuck, and like not working. So being my lazy self, and messin' 'round on my computer, I came across a couple files i didn't remember acquiring. So i viewed them. Blink 182's "What's My Age Again" video and the video for Fatboy Slim's "Praise you"

I bet most of you out there have seen the Blink video, so i bet you can imagine my surprise when i got to see the lovely trio nekkid running around and doing dumb stuff. funny song, but the vid didn't really match up to it but then the fatboy slim video. which was just weird. starts out with a home video camera shot out of a moving car window, a voice over of someone thanking someone else for 'getting us this far" and then it cuts to a group of street performing new-age dancers, in front of what i gather is a movie theater, doing a stupid yet funny in a mocking way, dance routine. it was ammusing. at first you think they're serious, but it's alll just spoofyness, and thus incredibly laughable. only problem: it's 50 fucking megs and i've only watched it the one fucking time. good bye fatboy. you're funny, but a waste of space.... ::mental comment deleted::
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no work for me today, because i cannot speak.
see the joy?
you know you can see the joy
no? then where'd it go??



::::::gurgley sounds of evisceration::::::::::::
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all youse out there who think i should go psycho on this blogger shizat, well you can go toss your weed out the window. i feel like shit, have no voice, and no patience for the fuckiness of the internet... capital B capital L capital E capital H
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alright you punks, enjoy the randomicity added down there on the nav bar, and then you are going to go and sign my guestbook to boost my ego to something more resembling a positive number, because you want me to stay happy and sane so i don't loose all my marbles, hijack a nuclear sub and launch a couple nukes on... dot park! yeah! so if you wanna keep your dot park in one piece, start signing. and NO jimmy eats world quotes!
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I've been using NetZero (which i'm not going to dignify with a link here) for my free internet access, 1) becuase i am anti-paying for a shitty 56k connection and b) becuase i'm poh! But it sucks with a muchness. So tonight I have moved on (experimentally) into the world of Juno free internet and email. We shall see how well this one does. Same annoying banners, but already i've noticed less lag. The true test will be to see how long i can stay online without being bugged by popups or if it won't just dump my connection every fifteen mintues like my friend netzero did. 'course, it can't be nearly as bad as netzero... can it?
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Ok, so in order to assuade jen's anxiety, i admit i was a quote "meanie" unquote when i posted the message of 12:08 tonight. I didn't strangle myself with my mousecord, nor did i jump out my window. it was just a lame cry for attention and sympathy highly influenced by my extreme lack of self esteem. there, i said it, i'm done.
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testing... ok, so it works here. I was trying to blog something in netscape two seconds ago, and i couldn't type SHIT because it was only registering every third or fourth keystroke. Makes no sense to me. Stupid netscape, now i hafta use dumb microsoft crap... but anyway...

I wanted to blog about how much Scour.com SUCKS!!! And they have a napster-wanna-be program called the "scour exchange" which is total CRAP. it has a horrible layout, it's utilization is crap, it's functionality is laughable. Granted it is a beta release but it's just such a piece of shit. There is something about a resume list in there, yet you can't select files to resume later, nor can you at any time view your resume list other than when it deems it wise to pop up and say "hey, i'm your resume list, i exist, misuse me and hate me!" Then you get the added bonus that when you set it up to get the files from your computer, and you select a directory (thinking it will then select all subsequent directories in the tree as well) and the program only recognizes about a third of the files/folders in it. NOT FUCKING SMART. THEN when you go to search for something, you only get the option of what form or media you want, something akin to "video/audio/yourmom" and when looking for MP3s you get shit hits with MP2s or some other gawd aweful format that ends up being a mislabeled Britony Spears video. perhaps i should email this to scour just to tell them how much they totally blow scrawny squirrell penis. But i'd rather be lazy, not, and watch as they flounder and fail in their little venture becuase they have no concept of what the fuck is going on and can't find a good programmer for shit. ... but i suppose, for beta... no, nevermind, it's still total crap.
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So as I've mentioned before, i've been reading that Timothy Leary book, and there was a section about someone who spent some time in a prison with Charles Manson. There was a conversation where manson was telling leary he had gone all wrong by giving people the power to create new heads, minds, consciousnesses for themselves and then not putting any programming into them. Leary said that was the whole point, to allow self-programming for real and for the first time. Mainson was more realistic, however, pointing out that people don't want to self-program most people want to be told what to do.

This got me thinking about the pseudo-hive-mentality of humanity. Most people (hey, guess what, they're mostly non-drug-users, the neophobic assholes) cannot just sit back and make a rational (or even irrational) decision on their own without first consulting some sort of higher power. All our lives we are bombarded with crap about role-models and religion. It all boils down to who do we really want making our tough life decisions, ourselves or someone 2000 years removed and most likely a good deal of fiction? These people become the hive queen, so to speak. But they also share the throne with the values and ideals of the current popular culture, trends. The indian prefer boy children, the chinese do as well, why? because the boy child will grow up to have his own household in those archaic and overcrowded countries, and thus will be able to support his parents in their old age. The government also controls the situation by imposing laws. China has birht control laws to keep the population from reaching unsustainable numbers (sacrifice of the individual for the good of the community). At sporting events, the competing hive drones, er, fans, make noise at appropriate times in order to distract the opposition. At moments of hightened tension, it really is almost possible to feel it in the air because of all the drones fixating on it. One can't help but feel a little nervous during the last at bat of the seventh game of a tied world series game, if you're there definitely, and even if you're just watching on TV. Humans crave social interaction and being told what to do, but the "pseudo" part of my pseudo-hive concept is that the bastards all get real fucking upset when their drone-ness is made too aparent to them through a decision from on high to strike them down or mark them suitable for sacrifice. Then the human is again an individual and only looking out for himself. It was seen in large scale commmunism. It can be seen in the protesting ralllies around the world against various governments and organizations.

So as i see it, it is only a matter of generations before a stronger queen arises and the drones drop their "why-me" defensive stances. Is the hive mentality the next evolution of human consciousness. The solution to our population woes? The next step to a higher spirituality? Somehow i doubt it.. although i can see how the governments of the world might still pacify the masses, i just somehow doubt they will get that far in their plans before some sort of worldwide conflict completely reconstructs our world, geographically, politically, physically, emotionallly, mentally. By the 1950's America had changed from agricultural revolutionaries to industrialized world-dominating technological assholes. WW2 was the loss of all innocense for this country. We have gone from being the underdog to being the pinnacle of success. But all life is a cycle, the down-swing is approaching. The next real America is rising from the depths. Those drones are wandering from the safety of the established community and are searching out the next prime site. These drones of like-minds will soon gather. All they need is the hive-mind to tell them where to put the foundations, where to hunt, who to hurt, and when to breathe.

Fear the buzz of the web. [this last statement directed at anyone reading this via CARNIVORE, you commmunist pinko turncoat fuckheads the only ones worried about other peoples secrets are people worried about their own secrets. Free the information, free the mind. The future is borderless and you are a fossil. See you on the flipside trilobite fucker.]
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And I know no one gives two shits about me, jen, but you don't have to go pointing it out to me all the time :::wraps mouse cord around neck and jumps out window::::
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You might be an E-head if... Dig this lil list on fanolex.net, are YOU an e-head???
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I don't wanna work... just wanna bang on these drums all day....

did you know that jennn's LA! is getting more hits than I am? I don't like it... she's sitting there not even trying... oh well... perhaps it's time to start putting real stuff here again... not like anyone read it before... 'cept for you loyal few whose domains keep popping up (thank you muchly)

I was just searching my drawers for a clean t-shirt to wear to work, and realized i couldn't wear ANY out of this big stack becaus of the stuff they had on 'em like: "I said No to Drugs, but they just wouldn't listen" "The 1997 rally to end Marijuana Prohibiton" and "Fuck Everything" .... not that i'm ashamed or anything, it's just that last time i wore the "said no to drugs" shirt, my manager told me if i wore it again, i wouldn't be working there anymore... facists... she said something about the image of the company that we have to uphold... it made me think of all the (no offense) scrubby spanish dudes they've got coming in to work in the dish room or as chef's. None of these people are actually illegal immigrants, but some look like it sometimes. So it made me think, they'd rather look like supporters of job-theiving foreigners than employers of a responsible drug user. who's personal habits have in no way negatively affected his performance at work...

but anywayy... I've got to get going to keep the facists in business....
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Sunburns on a cloudy day. mosquito repellent in december. Neo-phobic Conservatives running the United States in the 21st century.

things that just don't make sense.
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Right, so i was checking my referrals on sitemeter, and lo and behold someone new is linking to me. one problem, i can't tell who they are or what the heck their site is... it's just a clearinghouse for linkages... is there some sort of criteria? i wonder.. i shalll ponder this at a later date... continuing with my coughing at the screen... (i'm ill)
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I hath stoleded this link to Ben because it deserves attention and matfei owes me one for stealing Mr. Can

but this is definitely some odd shit...
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Um, so this Limey Brit guy from work turned me on to this band called Mogwai, which is, as he described it a traditional instrumental version of Orbital, ambient, trancelike coolness that is great to mellow out to. So i'm listening to it now, and it is actually as he described, adn good and i like... so i have to smoke a bowl for it... um, yes, have to!
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My amazing powers of ranting have finally been acknowledged! However, this has only caused the discouragement of one blogger Firefly Slotted Spoon (D Jerriko?) who seems almost as messed in the head as i and some of my cohorts. you should all go to his site and tell him to stay away from the prozac, and "pump up the valium". Or hard drugs. Dude, just smoke a bowl, bump some percs, sit back, relax and watch an mst3k.
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